United Virtual Residency

United Virtual Residence (uVR)


uVR connects cross-border cross-genre artists from all over the world to create a technology-connected immersive story with an open ending, which will be a creative vision and virtual proposal for Europe’s and world’s challenges.


Curated by Gleb Divov, Republic of Užupis, Lithuania, Minister of Culture and Innovations of the Republic of Užupis and founder and visioner of the FAYR Ecosystem.


Running from 30th of November until the complete implementation.

We are the Future.




uVR initiates a dialogue leading to actions involving the artists and a transnational audience to collaboratively achieve results.


Artists developing their own way with the uVR topics, collaboratively re-using the story of residence’ colleagues and fusing audience feedback into their works.


Expected output of the United Virtual Residence (uVR) includes:
– Confirmation of the effectiveness of global artistic collaboration,
– Story-telling virtual space (utilizing Mozilla Hubs) and re-usable concept, that could be used in a following educational and artistic work,
– Exhibition of the works of art created by the artists,
– Featured real-world initiatives by the artists, that audience can join and share,
– Relevant support for partner’s initiatives featured inside the virtual space,
– Document-form version of the proposal for further real-world integration.


Solidarity as one of the most important aspects of the residency is the driving force for collaborative thinking; this is the essence of effective brainstorming.


With uVR lifespan it was once again successfully proved that not only the fact of cross-border collaborations is possible, but also – what is especially important – positive results.


During the residence timeline the artists were given tasks:
– Select and discuss existing European and the world challenges,
– Create artistic feedback on the existing European and the world challenges,
– Assemble a story for the virtual world,
– Define virtual world,
– Visualize virtual world,
– Fill the virtual world with created art objects,
– If necessary, invite and collaborate with fellow colleagues,
– Finalize the proposal.


Main themes (but not limited to) for discussions and re-thinking were collaboratively selected:
– Covid reality,
– Politics in the modern reality,
– Culture and Education,
– Travel, Migration.


During the residency lifespan artists tested their vision with selected international audience and worked with the collected feedback.


Resulting virtual space encapsulates an artists-created story of this darkest of years with observations, questions, proposed solutions and actions.


Audience invited to support, participate, and join initiatives highlighted in this proposal.


All following public feedback will be used in the further development of the uVR.


uVR 2020 Timeline:
23 October 2020 – Beginning of the residency,
17-22 November 2020 – Residency events, meetings, discussions,
23 November 2020 – End of the residency lifespan,
24-29 November 2020 – Finalization of the proposal,
30 November 2020 – Public opening of the virtual space with the proposal.


In December 2020 there will be additionally announced QA session with the United Virtual Residence (uVR) curator Gleb Divov. Follow the updates.


Scharmien Zandi (AUT),
Mike Love (UK),
Ilan Katin (DE),
Mattia Cuttini (IT),
Rait Prääts (EE),
Alexey Samokhin (RU),
Rüdiger Eichholtz (DE),
Xenia Gushchina (MX),
Paul Sharm (LT),
Andreas Rodenbeck (DE),
Alexey Yalovega (UA),
Martin Lukas Ostachowski (CA),
Gala Mirissa (ES).


Virtual Space:
Alexandra Isaichenko (RU).


Sound design:
Musical Blockchain (LT),
Francisco Becerra Magdonel (MX),
Xenia Gushchina (MX).


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