As a European organization, KARA AGORA supports the NGO LESVOS SOLIDARITY that provides shelter for refugees and promotes equality, trust, justice, and respect for each other. We kindly ask all participants and visitors of KARA AGORA to donate to LESVOS SOLIDARITY.

This is what they wrote to us on September 11, 2020:


Kara Agora,


I hope this message finds you well.


In Lesvos the last days have been really difficult. The fire was devastating and most of the 13,000 people that were living in Moria are wandering around helpless at the moment.


We are trying to support the population of Moria camp as much as we can. We are in the middle of preparation to see how we can host single women and single mothers in Pikpa camp as we talk with different actors on the island. We have and we are still continuing distributing food, NFIs, blankets, masks, tents, as well as clothes and we, continue with the distribution. We also need to increase our personnel (nurse, social worker, psychologists) and have security in the camp due to some dangerously aggressive groups of locals operating against refugees and NGO people on the island. There is a lot of xenophobia on the rise at this point, and groups of rightwing locals are threatening the refugees.


This is so sad and with the Covid-19 threat, things are getting even more difficult… As you understand any kind of support (financial or in-kind donations ) will be more than welcoming and hugely appreciated. I am also sending you a list of the items that we need at the moment, in case anyone can contribute to. These items can be sent to us directly or a donation can be made and we can purchase them from local vendors.


We are in need of:

– wet wipes
– diapers
– tooth brush
– tooth paste
– blankets
– sleeping bags
– soap
– disinfection for the hands
– underwear
– clothes of all kind
– baby clothes


I’ve described the situation to you, in order to underline the importance of every donation and the difference that every euro will make. Thank you so much for standing by us! Please spread the message of what we are doing in order to help us even more during these truly intense and heartbreaking moments.


Stay safe and you can follow us on our Facebook page in order to have updates on what’s going on at this point in the island.

With the warmest regards and solidarity from Lesvos,

Stella Balouka

Team Member

Please consider donating to Lesvos Solidarity and mention KARA AGORA in the reference field!

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