Who belongs to Europe? Yasmine Ouirhrane—expert on Peace and Security appointed by the European Union and the African Union and host of the Podcast WE BELONG together with Jana Degrott—advocate for youth participation in national and European politics—and Suamai Saiboub—digital strategist and a diversity consultant, specialized in multimedia communication—tackle this question in this series of conversations with young women representing the diversity of Europe. The Podcast and Social Media Campaign is organized as a series of conversations with young women, who are representing the diversity of Europe, break stereotypes, navigate multiple identities, and challenge the conventional wisdom of what it means to belong—especially in times of crises.

Without a doubt, accessibility, intersectionality, and diversity are crucial factors for any organization that aims at offering a non-hierarchical and collaborative platform for self-identified women. And as any contemporary network/organization is in dire need to tackle these challenges continually, the participants discussed intersectionality in the networking business and learned from each others’ experiences and stories.

This roundtable took place in the course of the exhibition “Net Works – Pitch for a Social Network Sphere” and was moderated by Julia Hartmann (Curator).