Future of Solidarity: Alexandra Barancova

Future of Solidarity: Alexandra Barancova

You know, I’m not just tired. I’m exhausted.

If there is a future, it’s artificial and in it, we are no longer human.

No idea how that’ll look like. Maybe, as non-humans we’ll use other objects. Obviously 
we’ll still use objects — with them we shape our artificiality.

Maybe our exhaustion prevails because we can’t see it. It’s been so long that it’s
 become mundane. I don’t even recall what caused it, if you ask me.

Now you’ve got me thinking — that feeling of guilt when people ask me how I’m traveling 
and it happens to be that just that one time I’ll be taking the plane. Why didn’t 
they ask me last time I went to Amsterdam by train? Busted. Umm those ritual debates 
in the news that, as is tradition, remain unresolved. The calls to action that make 
me question what it was we were supposed to be acting on or against to begin with.
 The judgement, the repetition, the scale, the numbers, the words, the weather reports....

What if we could meet these things that fuel our exhaustion? What if they were monsters? 
What if we were shut up in a room with them? Not just snippets of them — those that 
we readin the headlines — but their totality; somehow contorted, compressed and embodied.

Maybe that’s one of the fictions we’re waiting for.

Okay but let me take a break, I feel pretty stuck here right now. No time to start 
thinking about taking on monsters.

I read once about the “fantasies of success constantly deferred into the future”. 
That’s round about when/where I can imagine facing those creatures.

Anyway, I’m well equipped with things that can keep me distracted in the meantime.
 Watching and reading things for a start. But that gets a bit repetitive after a while. 
There’s a bunch of things I’ve been putting off, but meaning to do. I can get rid of 
the fluff on all my sweaters with that delinter I haven’t touched yet, enjoy silky 
smooth legs thanks to my new epilator. Oh and recently I got a new set of 
noise-cancelling airpods, so I can finally listen to whatever I want without 
that incessant city-life background during my walks.

Wow, sounds so boring.

Thinking about this stuff actually makes me pretty curious what those future non-human 
objects will look like. I guess there’ll be other things they can denoise — cutting 
out the headlines would be a good start. Maybe then I could think crisp and clear, 
with a clean slate, of a clean world.

For now we coexist. That's a constant that's here to stay.

Japanese Smog Monster, Hedorah, borrowed from “Planet of Monsters” by Chiara di Leone and Luiza Crosman

Author: Alexandra Barancova, independent artist/researcher. Alexandra Barancova is the 
member of Speculative Playrooms' Future of Environment research group together with 
Arthur Gouillart and Anke Schiemann. 
They created aWaiting that you can visit here: https://bit.ly/awaitingspace