OPENING: Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine // Paradox Paradise

Oct. 8 // 7 - 9.30 PM CET

Opening of online exhibition with curators and artists present.

OPENING: Technopolitics Timeline

Oct. 15 // 6PM CET

Opening of Side-project TECHNOPOLITICS Timeline in Net Works exhibition

ROUNDTABLE: Intersectional Net Works

Oct. 15 // 7PM CET

Roundtable discussion about the possibilities to make networks and networking intersectional and diverse // with SALOON Network // More information here


Oct. 19 // 7.30 CET

Tour of the exhibition space Liminal Latitudes with curator Tina Sauerlaender


Nov. 4 // 7.30 PM

Tour of the exhibition space Domestic Dreams with curator Mara-Johanna Kolmel

OPENING: Speculative Playrooms

Nov. 10 // 7.00 PM CET

Opening with artists and curators present.


Nov. 12 // 7PM CET

Roundtable discussion about Europe as a (failed) network of solidarity. ZOOM In here:


Nov. 30 // 7.30 PM CET

Artist roundtable discussion presented by Saloon London and Saloon Berlin